Hole 10 - Timeline

Weeks: November 21st and 28th:

As of November 30th, the 10th green, our last greens rebuild, is complete! Our team worked through the rain to get the grass back down and the sod flat plate tamped.

#10 Greens mix install.

USGA greens specifications suggest a 4 inch gravel blanket and 12 inches of sand-based rootzone mix, but feedback from superintendents is that the lows of the greens stay wet and the highs dry out too quickly. One adaptation the USGA is supporting and that superintendents, architects and golf course contractors have implemented is "variable depth greens"; instead of a uniform 12 inches of mix, highs of the greens have less and the lows have more – e.g. 8 inches in high areas and 16 inches in the lows. As was done at Merion, we are installing a blend of variable depth where the majority of the green has 12 inches of mix and the lower areas, typically the front where water is running off, has an 4 additional inches of mix. We have also upsized the piping in that low area from 4 inches to 6 inches to drain water faster.

Drainage installed on the new 10th green. Notice the subfloor on the front of the green is slightly lower than other areas.

Gravel layer install.

Smoothing of sand layer.

Sodding of #10 green.

Sod finished Thursday morning in the rain.

Paul Roche from Golf Water visited the course again to stake the new irrigation for the 10th hole (not including the tees). The Landscape crew went right to work and worked the majority of Thanksgiving weekend to get the green complex irrigated and have begun work on the fairway.

Week of November 14th:

The 10th green demolition was completed by the Cedarbrook staff allowing work to continue on hole #16.

Jaeger Kovich starting to shape the green.

Day 10-13 Update (10/27-11/2):

The view across Wissahickon Creek from the clubhouse has been improved and the “tee chute” for the new 10th tee is being cleared. Trees have been removed down the left side of #10 to improve the player site lines and shot value.

A drone view of the new "tee chute" at hole #10 will provide a subtle right to left dogleg allowing players to shape their tee shot from the black/blue tees into the natural roll of the fairway.

Days 7, 8 & 9 Update (10/23-10/26):
Tree work for the 10th hole has begun. The half dead oak tree near 9 tee complex has been taken down and most of the trees associated with the tee shot coming out of the hillside have been removed. Shreiner Tree Care will continue to work down the 10th fairway, thinning out the wall of trees blocking the view onto the other side of the golf course and shading the 10th fairway in the morning. The general area of the new tees will be the large rocks that are in the hillside. Once the trees are out, Jaeger and the Green Committee will determine location for the best angle.